"My daughter takes lessons at the North Bay School of Music and I remember talking to her teacher about her progress and the advice was to encourage her to practice and it will come, well it has been just over a year now and I cannot believe it!!! I often find myself muting the TV when she is practicing just to hear her play and sing, it is fantastic, she can play and sing and We LOVE it. To hear your child succeed like that and have a love for Music is incredible. Thank you very much for giving her the gift of music, It is a gift she will have for life..." - Doug Brown (A Proud DAD)

"I took lessons for a couple years when I was just starting to pick up the guitar. I had tons of fun and I learnt a lot. I couldn't see myself where I am today if it wasn't for my teacher. He was really easy to understand and I get kind of fussy when it comes to taking lessons but he was great. He is a big inspiration for why I am pursuing music!"- Benjamin Cressall

"We have a son taking drum lessons and a daughter taking piano. To be able to go to ONE LOCATION for both lessons is very convenient. As parents we also love the atmosphere at the school. Very relaxing...and fun!! " - Dean & Lana Belanger

"We are extremely happy with our experience at North Bay School of Music! Our daughter loves attending her lessons, and gets great feedback for the practice that she does at home. One of the main reasons why we chose NBSOM was because they encourage being active in the community. In October our daughter had the opportunity to play piano with other students and NBSOM staff at Castlehome. She experienced first hand how rewarding it is to be part of your community! Keep up the great work!" - Rae-Ann Camirand

"I take guitar lessons at the North Bay School of Music and it has been a wonderful experience for me. The environment is warm, welcoming, and brings happiness to the children that take lessons there. The teachers respect the student's opinion on what they want to learn and guide their pupils with expertise. My sister, who is 5 years old, has recently started taking piano lessons at the North Bay School of Music and loves her teacher. She has so many ways of inspiring a child so that they stay focused on the lesson and learn music in a way that is easily understandable. During my year of lessons here, I firmly believe that the North Bay School of Music is a wonderful place for children of all ages to study music taught by great professional teachers." - Victoria Zhou

"Although our daughter has been a client for a short time, she throughly enjoys the time she spends with her vocal coach. Her teacher is well organized and knows how to work with young children (our daughter is 6). She also takes the time to show Sophie the basics of music with the aid of a keyboard and takes notes weekly to keep her progressing. Sophie eagerly looks forward to her lesson each week. We also have found Sean exceptionally accommodating to our family and our busy schedule. Thanks guys for the great experience!" - Lise Wilson

"When I first started lessons just a few months ago, I could have never pictured myself where I am today. As a stay at home mother of two and running a home childcare centre, I was looking for a time once a week to do something just by myself. I never imagined how much more I would get out of playing. Growing up in a musical family, I always had a love for music. However over time my love for music took a backseat to the joys and responsibilities of starting a family. I started guitar with a nervous feeling that maybe I was a little too old and too busy to take on a new hobby, but soon learned I had nothing to be nervous about. With an incredible teacher that teaches not only to my skill level, but also my individual musical interests I have not only learned how to play guitar, I have learned to have confidence in myself. It has been both a challenging and fun experience. Taking lessons at the North Bay School of Music has renewed my love for music and now I don't practise because I have to, I practise because I want to and genuinely enjoy playing!"- Aleigh Robichaud

"My Son Jordan greatly enjoyed his experience with the North Bay School of Music. His teacher kept the lessons pertinent and fun and was interactive and friendly with students and parents. His feedback was encouraging and positive and his approach easygoing. Lessons were flexible and affordable. We moved away over the summer, but I recommend this school for anyone wanting a good first experience for their kids." - Suzette Sinclair

"Great teacher, very patient, very kind, love the free espresso (just kidding!)" - Kieran MacDuff

"My son enjoys his lessons and connects with his teacher on topics beyond music. He’s found renewed interest and motivation to play and practice and has improved his skills." - Lisa MacDuff

"My daughter and I are taking group guitar lessons and it has been a fantastic experience. Our teacher tailors his teaching approach to each of our needs, keeps the lessons fresh and always adds new challenges. The best part is that he does all that while imparting a love for playing - we can't imagine our weeks without a lesson anymore!"- James Peck

"Focus and direction is what my teacher did for me. We started out tuning my guitar skills and learning to pick. Then we moved into collaborating on original songs that I wanted to fine tune for performance. There was not one suggestion from my teacher that I did not concede to in all the work we did together on my songs. The rest is up to me with practice, practice, practice what I have learned from a really great musician that I value as part of my circle."- Tammi McKenzie

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